Extreme Foos

Tech Data

XFOOS, short for "Extreme Foosball", is what foosball Hall of Fame member Steve Simon and Action Games are bringing to the table game sport of table soccer (or foosball as it is called in America). The new features XFOOS offers on the foosball table are state-of-the-art improvements compared to what the other game table companies offer.

The foosball improvements include patented technology that lets you play the game of foosball on levels never dreamed of before. Foosball has been taken from a table game to the sport game it was always meant to be. These improvements include:


Touchscreen Commands

Xfoos will be posting PDF instructions for various topics as needed. They include installation instructions for the lightstand and light, the drink racks, putting the men on the rods, the PC board, and more. If you do not see the PDF file you are looking for call the Xfoos technical support line under "Contact Us" or send an email to Tech support under the link.

PDF Instructions